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Sunday 04 December 2022


Costa Blanca Translations can assign you an accompanying interpreter who is a specialist in property issues. Our professionals can accompany you from the first inspection of a property you are interested in, through to the signature of the title deeds at a notary office.

From the beginning, you will benefit from the services of an interpreter by having open access to the Spanish property market, with lower prices than those found at the english speaking local agents.

Throughout the process you will feel well advised, as your experienced interpreter will endeavour to inform you of any obvious anomaly in the title deeds. Nevertheless you will need to contact an estate agent and a lawyer to guarantee everything is fully legal.

We work mainly from Benidorm to Torrevieja. Do not hesitate to ask for a no obligation quote. You might also want to have a written translation (certified or not) of your contract of sale or deeds.

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