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Sunday 04 December 2022

Our work method

  1. Assessment and quote. As soon as we receive a request for a quote, our team of translators, linguists and web designers carries out a first assessment of the project. A quote is immediately sent to the client containing all the necessary information: completion date, method of delivery, form of payment, etcetera.
  2. Preparation. Once the client has accepted the quote, the preparation stage begins, with us gathering together all the relevant documentation from our reference library and from internet resources of proven reliability.
  3. Translation. Next comes the translation stage. Here we make use of our translation memory database, in which we store all the translations that we do (not to be mistaken with "electronic translator"). This software guarantees quality and consistency with the client's instructions and with the content of our specialist glossaries.
  4. Proof-reading. A professional proof-reader carries a first revision of the texts which are then sent back to the translator of the project. The latter will analyse the changes and will introduce them finally into the translation memory database before carrying out a second revision, meticulously comparing the original against the translation. The last revision is undertaken preferably the next day with the document printed on paper, as experience has shown us that this is the best way of detecting any possible error.
  5. Formatting. After the third revision and before sending the final text back to the client, the format of the document is checked to ensure that it corresponds with the original. In the case of websites, tests are carried out to guarantee that everything functions smoothly.
  6. Delivery. The final text is sent to the client using the method selected by him, with an invoice stating the agreed amount and the method and date for payment.
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