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Thursday 06 October 2022


We at Costa Blanca Translations offer you a quality service in different fields:

Business. Correspondence, invoices, quotations, documentation for subsidies.

Industry. Construction, protective clothing for use against chemical weapons, shoes, aeronautics, food, sun control and protection, renewable energies and water technologies.

Interpreting. Meetings, receptions, notaries, doctors, estate agents, photography conferences.

Legal/certified. Contracts, degrees and official recognitions, deeds, powers of attorney, certificates, wills, driving licences, articles of association.

Marketing. Marketing manuals, brand books, employee rule books.

Medicine/pharmacy. Biodrugs, press releases for drugs, articles and Power Point presentations, conferences, beauty products, disability magazines.

Multimedia. Video presentations, TV scripts, tapes, translation of DVD subtitles.

Tourism. Guides, hotels and rural accommodation.

Photography. Technical articles, product manuals, popular photography issues.

Websites. Tourism, hotels, shopping centres, PR consultancies, estate agents, car manufacturers.

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