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Sunday 04 December 2022

What is translation?

It seems a simple task, where one just needs to know two languages to a reasonable standard. Anyone can do it. In fact, many translation projects end up in the hands of a nephew who studied English abroad or the supermarket cashier who is dating an Australian.

But it is not so. Translating is not a mechanical or automatic operation. The proof is that despite the major advances in computerized translation software, there is still not a single program capable of producing a quality, precise, correct and natural translation. In order to achieve this, an expert translator who can proof read the final text is required.

In reality, the professional translator must not only master to perfection his or her two working languages, but has to specialise, have access to documentation, be more and more prepared academically (BA, master's degree, PhD...), be up to date in PC knowledge and manage to meet deadlines which are shorter and shorter, trying to make profitable a business at very low rates due to bogus competition.

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